1. ruinawish said: Aww. Could you not set up automatic crossposts (if that is even possible)? You've been a great source for a feminist fix.

    Oh, I’m sorry. Alas, the cross-posting feature from wordpress-tumblr is quite useless - the tumblr post ends up being a rather meaningless few sentences, without tags or post type. I was having to manually add to tumblr each post which was a lot of work and I am trying to be more efficient in my blogging.

    But, if it’s any use to you, here is the RSS/ feed for my wordpress blog: http://slendermeans.wordpress.com/feed/ and there is also a subscribe feature on my blog if you want to subscribe by email (I think) to posts. Blog link again: http://slendermeans.wordpress.com

    Thanks for your interest, and I hope you find a way to keep reading. :)

  2. Closed

    Here now for keeps: http://slendermeans.wordpress.com/